A Cut Above by 3 Generations

January 19, 2016

A Cut Above by 3 Generations

La Vaca Meat Company began on the High Plains of eastern Colorado, more than 50 years ago and was born from the combined efforts of the May and Mosley families, and three generations of meat lovers and cattle farmers since.

The Mosley’s first became involved in the beef processing industry in the 1950’s in Amarillo, Texas, while the May’s saw the advent of irrigation on the High Plains of Colorado.

To this day, the vision and commitment remain grounded in integrity, and it is our mission to be the best and stay committed to excellence, from our land to your table.

The La Vaca Difference

In an environment where the subject of beef has become a science, no detail is overlooked. At La Vaca Meat Company, the best steak is not just about making the right cut. It’s a calculated, step-by-step process that begins months in advance, selecting only the highest quality cattle breeds and top-tier beef.

Rather than solely grass, La Vaca cows are fed a high-protein diet composed of natural corn flakes and alfalfa to ensure the best taste., rather than solely grass to ensure the best taste.

After the steaks are hand-selected, they are wet-aged for 40 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor.

With a company that is committed to excellence, you’ll never have to compromise on quality.