The Prime Choice, Delivered.

November 01, 2015

The Prime Choice, Delivered.

Enjoy a steakhouse experience at your own table. There’s no reason to search far and wide for the best steak. In fact, it can be as close as your doorstep. 

A cut above

Although there are eight grades of steak, you only have to worry about numbers one and two with La Vaca Meat Company, because we focus on delivering Top-Tier Choice and Prime cuts. We, then take it a step further, aging the beef up to 40 days to seal in moisture and optimize tenderness before even making a single cut.

Fresher isn’t always better

Wet-aged beef is vacuum-sealed and sits under a refrigeration just above freezing point, which allows for moisture retention and maintains the flavor and texture of the beef. Simply put, aged beef tastes better!

Whether you prefer a Porterhouse, Ribeye, New York Strip or another, you always make the prime choice with La Vaca Meat Company, and we’re as close as your phone or internet.

Give us a call or click here to see all of our perfectly tender and tasty beef options that can be delivered straight to your door!