About Us

There is no reason to search far and wide for the best steak. In fact, it can be as close as your doorstep with La Vaca Meat Company. La Vaca Steaks have all the texture, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness of a steakhouse experience at your house, with every bite.

“La Vaca” is Spanish for “The Cow”.  Everything about the meat company, and the many other supporting companies revolve around cattle and beef. 

We are a family owned business, that has its original roots in eastern Colorado farm and ranch country. Four brothers grew up on a small farm near Stratton, Colorado. In the early eighties, the brothers decided to work together to expand the family business for generations to come. Three of the May brothers raised their families and still reside in the Stratton area farming and raising cattle. The fourth brother lives in Littleton and works out of the La Vaca office. The companies have grown into locations in Nebraska, Nevada, and Kiowa, Stratton and Wiggins, Colorado. The family, of course, has grown as well, with many of their children working in the family business. 
La Vaca Cattle Company headquartered in downtown Littleton, provides central management, purchase and sales, risk management, and accounting for many of our companies. As La Vaca Cattle Co. moved into its new offices in the historic Coors building, a few years ago, the opportunity to share the product of our labor presented itself.
La Vaca Meat Company was born. We offer the finest hand cut, premium beef.  From our ranches to your table, we take pride in bringing this product to you.