Our Beef

With lifelong dedication to raising cattle, 100% of our beef is locally raised. La Vaca Meat Co is headquartered in Downtown Littleton. 

Our commitment to our customers begins years before your steak arrives on your table. Our beef is hand selected, so our quality and consistency are unsurpassed. Our calves are born in the black forest country of Colorado and are handled from birth to harvest with professional care and pride.

La Vaca Meat Co. has combined our heritage with a modern and innovative approach. The process begins on our ranches where our calves spend the majority of their lives grazing on native Colorado grass.They are finished on a high-protein corn flake and alfalfa ration the last 100 days of their lives. The corn and alfalfa are both grown and flaked on our farm, which results in perfectly marbled meat. Our regenerative agricultural approach enriches the soil, increases resilience to climate change, and produces nutrient dense food.

Our cuts of meat are aged 21 days, resulting in a juicy, melt in your mouth steak. We take the steps to provide the best steak you have ever tasted.

Our steaks are hand-cut to a generously thick, uniform size. Our Ribeyes, Strips, Filets, T-Bones, and Porterhouses are all cut to at least 1.5" thick, which allows for a consistent grilling experience. They are packaged with the highest commitment to safety and quality, every time.

A steakhouse experience can be as close as your doorstep, with La Vaca Meat Company. We know you will enjoy every bite!