The La Vaca Story

The Prime Choice, Delivered.

There’s no reason to search far and wide for the best steak. In fact, it can be as close as your doorstep with La Vaca Meat Company. Although there are eight grades of beef, La Vaca promotes cuts from Prime and Top Tier Choice–because we want you to enjoy all of the texture, flavor, tenderness and juiciness of a steakhouse experience at your table, with every bite. Yet our commitment begins months before your steak arrives. Our beef is hand selected so our quality and consistency is unsurpassed. Then we go one step further, wet aging at least 40 days to optimize flavor and tenderness before making a single cut. Whether you prefer a Porterhouse, Ribeye, New York Strip or another, you always make the prime choice with La Vaca Meat Company, and we’re as close as your phone, internet or our corner store.



Our La Vaca Headquarters is in our home state of Colorado. With lifelong dedication to raising Colorado cattle, 100% of our beef is local.

La Vaca Meat Company is proud to have the support of local restaurants. Merle's of Littleton features the La Vaca Meat Company Ribeye and NY Strip on their everyday menu.

From the ranch to the table, La Vaca Meat Co. was founded from a tradition of raising cattle on the plains of both Colorado and Texas. The original La Vaca families, the Mays and Mosleys, started it all and three generations later, La Vaca continues to celebrate this heritage with high-quality beef.


A Cut Above by Three Generations

The May family began their cattle business on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Roll up your sleeves kind of people, the four May brothers had a passion for the ranching business and believed that a good steak started with a happy and healthy cow. From generation to generation, the May family has passed on the time-honored skills of raising and selling cattle. Today, the May family owns ranches from Nevada to Nebraska.

The Mosley family first became involved in the beef processing industry in the 1950's. Settling in Amarillo, Texas, the Mosley family business quickly grew into cattle feeding, grazing and ultimately, trading.  When Clay Mosley and Dan May met at a Wichita Convention in the 1980’s, the two hit it off, and the creation of La Vaca Meat Co. followed.

Today, La Vaca Meat Co. has combined their heritage with a modern and innovative approach. The process begins with the cattle, who are fed high-protein corn flakes that promote perfectly marbled meat. All of the cuts of meat are then wet-aged up to 40 days, leading to a superior product that means a juicy and tender steak. Although many companies cut corners with the aging, processing and care of their meat, La Vaca knows that for a truly delicious steak, you need premium top-tiered Angus beef.

At La Vaca Meat Co. we believe in providing our customers with the knowledge built from our heritage, the integrity of our products and our people, and the quality meat that will keep you coming back for more.