Top Tier Choice Subscription - 3 months

La Vaca Meat Co.

Treat someone special (or yourself) to USDA Top Tier Choice beef every month. Each monthly steak package includes premium Top Tier Choice steaks and 2 lbs of our signature 80/20 Steakburger. The first package will include a bottle of our premium steak seasoning. A La Vaca Meat Co. subscription is the gift that keeps giving!

  • Month 1: 2 or 4 Top Tier Choice Ribeyes  
  • Month 2: 2 or 4 Top Tier Choice NY Strips
  • Month 3: 2 or 4 Top Tier Choice T-bones

**NOTE: Price is monthly payment NOT including shipping fees. Subscription will end after 3 months and there will be no further charges.

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